Book recommendations: Wellness

Now that the temperature is slowly dropping and all you want to do is stay in bed all day. Here are some of our favorite health books! Get ready to just disappear in a blanket by the fireplace with one of these books!

Eat pretty

Jolene Hart CHC, AADP

This book is wonderful for new vegetarians and vegans. You can find easy recepies using seasonal vegetables and fruits. You learn a lot about what to avoid eating for the result of clear skin! Pluss your "healthy beauty must haves".  

" Let wholesome, delicious food be your beauty secret"

Little book of mindfulness

Dr. Patrizia Collard

This book teaches you what mindfulness is, and easy steps to a less stressful life. It contains easy ten minute mindfulness practices, but you should always do what feels right for your body! Eating with pleasure and tea rituals is also centered in the book, to make you appreciate the little things in life.

Yoga girl

Rachel Brathen

If you are into yoga, you have probably heard of the amazing Rachel Brathen from Sweden. Her book is about how she got into the yoga lifestyle and how to live a happier life both mentally and physically! Her own story is quite remarkeble!

The new health rules

Frank Lipman MD and Danielle Claro

This book is the kind of book you can dip in and out of whenever you feel like it. Every page is a new tip to create a happier and healthier life without a lot effort, and also how to live a simple and less materialistic life. The chapters are - eating - moving - boosting - healing - living

Simple changes to active whole- body wellness.

Skin Cleanse

Adina Grigore

This book is for everyone who wants to clear up their skin using both food and natural skin care. Would you constantly eat chemicals? Hopefully your awser is no... In that case, why would you apply horrible chamicals to your face and body one or two times everyday? Adina writes about her journey with skin care products, and how she cleared her skin only by using natural, cheap and simple kitchen must- haves! You get a ton of easy recipes on products you can eat, and apply on your whole body to revitalize it!

(Photos by: Martine A. Hess)