Introverts, extroverts and ambirverts

Something I have always been facilitated by is human behavior. How can we as humans be so alike, while still so different? If you have never heard the term «introvert» or «extrovert» then here is a breakdown about what they are and their difference. 

Extroverts are people who gets energy from being around people. Either at parties, a friends house or just walking in the city. Extroverts are often really open and they like to go over their comfort zone. 

Introverts are people who gets drained of energy from being around people for too long. They like to be alone and do things that makes them happy. Wether that is something creative or not. They feel generally happy when we are out with people, but just for a certain amount of time. Introverts are often find either by themselves, or a small group of people. They like to focus on what they love, and not too much attention towards them.

Then you have the people in-between, also called ambivert. This is where you have me. I love being around people (extrovert). I have never had any problems speaking to strangers. Big cities and subways for me has always been something I liked. But one thing is also really clear. I need my alone time.Solitude is an everyday essential. 

Over the years I have just gotten used to having at least one or two hours everyday were I am just doing the things I love. I may not talk to anybody and just listen to music. Its like a re-charge for my whole mind and body.

That was just a really quick run down of the most important factors of the three types of people in this world. 

This is not to say that you need to feel obligated to categorize yourself into one of these categories, Change is enevitable. Days, years and stories will change who you are as a person and make you grow. 

For me, having a little idea of what type of person I am is comforting.

- Nora Marie