Clean your space

There has been talk about minimalism all over social media lately. Minimalism is a tool that can help you find freedom and it is the opposite of materialism. Through getting rid of the stuff you don't need and thinking twice about what you're buying, you are simplifying your life and learning about appreciation. I have already written an article about minimalism here before but this post is about how a clean, calm space can have huge benefits. 

 "A clear space equals a clear mind" 

If you take your time cleaning your entire space, your will most likely feel more calm and centered. You don't have to think about the mess or search all over your house for pen or pair of jeans.

At the moment I am slowly but surely cleaning and donating the things and the clothes I don't need. I'm focusing on one part of my room or house at a time, closet first, next my desk etc. 

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding to get rid of anything:

- Does it spark joy?

- Can I live without it?

- Have I used it/ worn it within the last 6 months?

- Would I buy it again?

These questions are so so helpful when you are going through everything!


Tips for keeping your space clean over time:

- Make an effort to clean everyday for at least 10 minutes.

- Try to get rid of one thing everyday for 30 days. Even one pen helps in the long run.

- Spend one hour every week to organize one part of your room. 


Here is a list of rooms and places you can handle:

- Your closet/dresser

- Under your bed?

- Desk

- Bathroom 

- Files 

- Your computer and social media

- Purse and or backpack

- Kitchen

I know this might seem like a huge and long process, but I promise you it won't take that long if you go all in! Make cleaning a habit.

Let us know how your journey goes! 

- Nora Marie