How to: Deal with different emotions


When you are feeling sad, your energy levels may fade, and you might be left with an empty day spent feeling lost and confused. Personally I too often feel drained and sad about something, or nothing at all.  When I feel this coming, I like to spend some time with myself, just writing, watching an inspiring movie, or going outside. Taking some time doing what makes you happy is essential to break the sadness. Find joy in the little things, and figure out ways to make you happy. If you are going through something hard, then keep up the good work. You can make it through everything you put your mind to. 


     Happiness is something we all stive for. It is what makes life worth living and therefore you should enjoy every single bit of this feeling. Go outside, talk to friends or do something creative - anything that makes you feel content.


Wether you are stressing over school, work or life in general, try taking a timeout. Make some delicious vegan food, limit your intake of caffeine and junk food and play some calming music (our fall playlist perhaps?).  Most importantly: remember to take deep breaths and just be. Inhale, and exhale... 


Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past which often results in making the present look miserable. We often tend to think that everything was better in the "good old days" just as we often believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. To deal with nostalgia it's important to live in the present. Daily mindfullness exercises or simply calling an old friend is ways to cope with this emotion. Continue to make memories, try something new and reflect over your current living situation. 


Try to accept the fact that you can't control everything. Studies has shown that practicing yoga  and meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. Take a time-out every once in a while where you clear your head. Try to learn what triggers your anxiety, is it work, school, friends or something else? When you find out, it's easier to find the best way to deal with it. Make sure to get enough sleep, exercise and nourishment for the best result.


Ask yourself: Why am I am holding judgments over others and myself? Writing your thoughts down can help you realize why you are feeling the way you do. Stop dwelling and slowly try to forgive and see things from other peoples perspective. Bitterness is your body's way of telling you that it's time to heal, therefore make sure that you also learn to forgive yourself.

- Nora and Martine