November favorites


My slow down/sleep playlist  

Sad, calming and creative playlist

The first playlist is a collection of all my favorite artists. I love listening to it when I am outside, going to sleep or having a meditation session! 

The second playlist is a collection of songs to help you reflect and cry about things  when you need to. 

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Vegan curry soup

6 carrots

1 potato

2 green apples

1 yellow onion

1 tbs sunflower seeds 

1 tbs curry

Vegetable broth

Ca. 8 dl water

1 can coconut milk

Salt & pepper

Juice from 1 lime

For serving: 



Coconut milk

Peel the carrots, potato, apples and onion and cut into cubes. Styr the cubes with some oil and curry. Now mix the water, broth and coconut milk together with the cubes, cook for about 20 minutes. ( or until the carrots turn soft) Mix the soup with a hand mixer and taste with salt, pepper and the lime juice.


The messy mag

This magazine was made by the magnificent Emma Mercury. Its a magazine filled with photos, interviews, opinions and messy thoughts. I quote Emma: " 120 pages dedicated to discovering who you are on the inside, building a relationship with yourself, and thinking about how to best express the inner workings of your messy mind." I truly recommend everybody who can to get their hands on this magazine or issue number 2 that just got out. 

- Nora Marie