30 days self-love challenge


Dress yourself in whatever you want, no matter what people will think. Wether you are just staying in all day or running errands. Studies have shown that what you wear effects how you behave and your overall confidence. At the end of the day, try to write about how you felt throughout the day.


Find a poem that represents you or your emotions. It can be nice to remember it when you don't feel like yourself and to have close to heart when you’re feeling sad.


Make yourself your favorite vegan meal and enjoy your free time. Write, reflect or simply watch a movie.


Everytime you look in the mirror, say two positive things about yourself. It can be anything from « I love my legs» to « I feel empowered» .


Write a letter about things you wish you knew when you were younger. This is a good exercise to help you learn how to accept the past. 


Meditate (mindfulness, mantra or humming) to clear your mind. Find a peaceful spot and take some time to relax or reflect. 


Do a workout. It does not need to take more than for ten minutes of your day, but it will make a difference. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel more happy. 


Take yourself on a date. Go to your favorite coffee shop and look at all the people passing by. They are all different, we are all different. Try and realize that it’s about time that we accept us for who we are, not what we look like.


Buy yourself flowers, you deserve it! Having flowers in your home can boost your positivity and creativity and purify the air in the room. 


Write a note or a letter to your future self. This is a tool to remember forgotten memories and help you see things from the perspective of your past self.


Find out how you can live more authentically. Be openminded, experiment and slow down every once in a while.


Find out what you truly and deeply love about yourself. This may take some time but start the thinking process as soon as possible.


Say or write to yourself : I am worthy, I am strong, I am empowered and I love myself. You might feel like this has no impact on you but several studies have proven the opposite.


Treat yourself. Take a bath, eat cake or set time off to read your favorite book. 


Find what you makes you unique. Observe. Reflect. Accept. 


Stand up for what you believe in. It does not have to be anything significant, but it will improve your confident.


Do something that feeds your brain. Read, listen and reflect on the information that you’ve gathered.


Look in the mirror and find scars, strechmarks or/and birthmarks. Acknowledge that they are a part of you, and a part of what makes you special and unique.


Get out your journal and write about yourself. Write about what you do not like about yourself, both mentally and physically. Afterwards try and find the equallant amount of amazing and worthy things about yourself.


Give your best friend, family member or a stranger a compliment. Not on their looks, but on their personality and abilities. How does it makes you feel?


Acknowledge that you are perfect, with your imperfections. Embrace them with your heart wide open! We are all imperfectly perfect.


try to become aware of how you truly and deeply feel about yourself. Keep every detail in a journal. Look back on it later for inspiration on bad days.


Call your best friend.


Spend a day alone, doing only the things you truly find joy in.


Start reading "Big magic" written by Elisabeth Gilbert.


No makeup day.


Look at yourself in the mirror and just smile.


Write down something that makes you unique.


Create a playlist filled with your favorite tunes.


Spoil yourself with vegan treats and share it with your friends.

- Nora Marie