The importance of kindness

I don't understand how actors can kiss on sett so many times while shooting a movie, without falling in love. If someone opens the door for me or compliments my hair I will probably end up thinking about it for a week. I believe that making other people happy is one of the most rewarding things that we can do as humans. When someone compliments me for something that I am insecure about, I usually end up with one of the most enchanting feelings in the world, and if I can make someone feel like that- oh wow, then it's not a question, I will always try to make people happy. 

"Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

- Unknown

This is a quote I almost scrolled by while on tumblr, but it really got me thinking. That person who serves you coffee might be depressed but does not dare to tell anyone, the most confidet girl in class might be extremely insecure about herself and the guy behind you in the line at the grocery store might just have lost a close friend. One of the things that make humans so complicated is the fact that we can put on a straight face, smile and act happy, but feel like we are dying on the inside. Therefore it can really make a difference if you're kind to everyone you meet, say thank you to that waiter, compliment that girl, smile to that guy standing in line. But remember to always take care of yourself as well <3