The billion dollar industry is killing our people and future

I think our minds trick us into beliving that the clothes we wear everyday is made by happy people around the world. I have not eaten meat for over one year now, I try living a life with minimum pain. Both for animals and humans. I like to talk to people about how animals are being treated for something as simple and unnessecary as food. Its not my only goal to convince them not to consume animal product, but to educate them so they can educate others. When it comes to clothing, it has taken me a long time to realize how clothing can and is hurt people.

What is fast fashion?

Last year I came over the term " fast fashion". It's a system that has been growing vividly for the last two decades. Fast fashion is about producing clothing in developing countries. Countries with little money and a  unemployed workers. They make deals with factories in places like Bangladesh, to produce their clothing fast and cheap. People (often women or childen) work up to 16 hours a day, and get little, sometimes no wage. Fast Fashion started becouse our generation started craving the feeling of "new things" and constantly creating new trends. 

Childen as young as seven works at a factory, insted of going to school and getting an education. When I dug deeper into all the facts about this horrible work. I honestly started to question humanity. I can't believe how shops like H&M, Zara, Primark and Tommy Hilfiger would rip a childs future away so easily, just for the sake of clothing. 

Clothing and/or leather needs to be put in harsh chemicals and pesticides to fufull the process. People working with these chemicals, often ends up with cancer, breating problems and some people die.

How can we read things like this, and not feeling the anger rising for cooperiations that sells and owns our shit. 

What effects does this have on the enivroment?

How is fast fashion slowly ruining our planet? Well, we are producing massive amounts of clothing, only for us to throw away a months later. We are wasting water, energy and workers. I wrote about the chemicals and pesticides, off course this will have an impact on the soil, animals and humans that get in contact with the water. Not just that, but we are not able to grow vegetables and other important products.


So how can we help?

Here is just some small things you can do next time your out shopping!

- Look for organic 

- Look where the item was made, if its from developing countires, please do not buy it.

- Invest in fair trade. That fair trade top could mean a whole lot for a child in need.

- Buy from second hand shops. This will not only help your wallet, but also the planet and workers.

Hopefully this post gave your a little more facts about how clothing is being made all over the world. Lets change the world, one item at a time!

- Nora Marie