Summer in a small town

Most likely you think that you need to live in a big city to have a great summer. Well at least I had that thought before. As you know we live in a small town in Norway. A town where we do have access to a lot of things. While, we do have shops and resturantes, we don't have that much money. We both work, but why use money on things your really don't need. If you have the same problem as I, what to when you dont want to spend too much money. Well this post will come in handy this summer! I will have a few tips that will be free (minus gas expences) and a couple of things you can do if you want to use money. 

Almost free 

1)  One of the main things we both like, is going to the beach! Wether its warm og cold in your town. Take a blanket or a bikini and hit the beach. You will get some fresh air, and you have some time to write, swim and hang out with some of your friends ( if someone is home) 

2) Another thing you can to is finding a hiking spot in your area. I love going on hikes! It gives me a chance to be in connection with nature, workout and see magnificent spots. We have an amazing hike a few hours away called "Prekestolen", if you come to Norway, definitely check it out!

3) This one is for all the creative fellows reading this. If you have a camera, take your friend or siblings out and create a short film, or have a photoshoot. This is such a fun activity to to. You are taking photos you can look back on, and you again get to be outside.4) 

If some of your friends are home. You can invite people over for a little backyard sleepover. You can set up tents, or just sleep on the grass! Movies are essential for a sleepover, right? Why not make your own "drive in" theater? Search on youtube for tutorials. Make some yummy healthy snacks and have a memorable evening with yourself, friends, siblings or the whole family!5)

Explore your city! Go to your local farmers market. Find new food shops and flea markets! You get to know your town better, and find awesome things you never would have found if you didn't go. 

If you want to use money

1) If you want to use some money, why not look up different concerts in your town. If you dont know any of the artists, pick one and just go! Maybe you end up loving their music.

2) Does a small roadtrip sound fun? At least it does for me. If you can drive, pack some food, blankets, and extra clothing and go on the road! I often hear about groups of friend who travel all summer around in America. Not all people live in America, nor have the money, or time to do that. Drive to the beach furthest from your home, and camp overnight, or for as long as you desire! Have a sunset yoga or surf session and make some yummy vegan food!

- Nora Marie