Eating what works for you

In our society we hear about different diets. Low- carb, vegan and paelo. Diets are just short cuts to loosing weight. Eating is not a diet, but a lifestyle. I think that is one of the most fundamental thing to remember when eating anything. Why are you eating that. Is it because you're hungry, bored or simply because you meal plan tells you to? There is multiple things to do when you want to start eating for yourself. 

I have lived a pescetarian lifestyle for over 1,5 years now, and I love it. This way of eating has given me so much. Passion for food, keeping a healthy lifestyle and giving my body what it NEEDS. Obviously I stopped eating meat for the animals and the way they are being treated. And I guess that was my drive and motivation for living this way. Thank you for that! 

Now I listen to my body. If its hungry I'll eat, if not I'll wait. If I want to eat greens, I'll eat greens. I do what works for me, not anybody else. 

I am still struggling, or rather still learning to be in control of my cravings. Not for meat, but for suger and satisfying my sweet tooth. Through my life I have read a lot about cravings. Try drinking water. You are probably just dehydrated. If not try eating some veggies like carrots or eat some nut!

With all this food talk. Know the amount to eat in. Are you a big eater like me, or do you prefer smaller portions? Do you like to have three meals a day, or three meals and a few snacks in between? Find what works for you, and do what works for you. That is the most important thing!

If you were to ask me for one health advice. I would without doubt tell you, or recommend you to stop consuming dairy products. Milk, cheese and other animal products. They only mess with your skin and hormones. Not to mention its super high in fat. 

Intuitive eating is the way to go. It will take some time to adjust to it, but its worth it. 

Find what works for you, and do what works for you.

- Nora Marie