Keeping a healthy lifestyle while traveling

How the hell am I going to keep up my healthy lifestyle while I travel?

I can't write enough about this. People, it is fully possible to be healthy while you travel. This is how:

When you arrive at your destination or before your get there, plan ahead. Buy some vegan bars and pack fruit! Keeping bars and fruit in your bag help you when you are a hungry monster. This is a smart thing to do if you want to avoid eating things like candy when you are hungry and between meals. My favorite bars are: rawbite chocolate and roar bar either in goji or chocolate flavor. Have some stores and resturantes in the back of your mind. Find different grocery store, and cafes. If you do some research on healthy restaurants before you leave home, you're less likely to end up with a fast food meal. 

You will thank me later, I promise. 

DRINK WATER! I've got to touch on this sooner or later. Your body is almost fully made out of water. Re-fuling yourself with fuel will keep your digestion moving all day long.

When we are talking about working out while traveling, it can be tricky. Try doing a 20-30 minute yoga session or a hard core workout right when you wake up. Find your spot, and get it done. Is it the beach, or the hotel floor? Find what works for you, and do what works for you!

If you are in the city, you can walk or run instead of taking a cab! At least take the subway if possible. Every step helps! 

I never said that this was going to be a long post. keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, and to fit that in while traveling can be a challenging. If you find out that it's not going to work out the way you planned, breathe and smile. You are on vacation for gods sake! Relax and remember to have an amazing time. You deserve it!

-Nora Marie