Cruelty free brands

Too many people complain about how hard it is to find cruelty free brands, when it come to make up, perfume, shower gel and body butter. Personally I stopped using products that tests on animals around by 11th birthday, and therefore taught that I would share my favorite cruelty free brands with you.


Lush is probably my ultimate favorite of all these brands. Most of their products are vegan, but some contains honey. If you are uncertain or wondering which ones to buy it's just to look at the backside of the package, and they are very easy labeled, so should be easy to find out. Lush sells bath bombs, makeup, sunscreen, perfumes and shampoo. They got basically everything and it all smells like heaven! If you don't have a store nearby, it's usually easy to order online. All of Lush's products are handmade and they have had several campaigns about animal testing to create awareness.


Korres is a greek brand I discovered last fall, their products are cruelty free and contains mostly natural ingredients. They make different shampoos and conditioners as well as moody milk and body butter. They have different shampoos which are specially made for oily, dry, long, short and damaged hair. These products are one of the few products that actually works for my hair type and I couldn't be more stratified with the products that I've bought.


Rituals is such a wonderful brand, they make several products with organic ingredients and their products smells very rich and unique. I love to use products from rituals in the summer because they smell like different spices mixed with a summer breeze or a field of flowers after it has rained. Rituals make high quality perfumes and the rituals stores have everything you need: body scrubs, towels, tea, lotion and even clothes!

The body shop

The body shop is a shop that most people know about, but did you know that they were cruelty free? Everything smells so good that I could just eat it, and their body sorbets feels incredible against your skin. The only downside about body shop is that it comes across as brand that sells very natural and pure products, but in fact they are not that natural. However most brands that produce products like shower gel and makeup are not made of mostly natural ingredients.

Eleni and Chris

Eleni and Chris is a new scandinavian brand which makes hair products. I am thrilled that I came across this brand, all of their products are vegan and can be found at different hair saloons. Personally I have very frizzy hair, and this is the first product that has ever worked for my hair! All of their products are based on natural and scandinavian products, and they make treatment creams and shampoos for dyed, sensitive and dry hair.