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Ever since I watched a documentary about Rodríguez at school, I've been obsessing over his music and his mysterious and wonderful journey!

Rodríguez is a musician from Detroit. He realized a single in 1967 and an album 3 years later, but his music did not hit off. In the 1970's he quit his music career, but his music found it's way to South Africa and became very influential. Rodríguez did not know about his fame until 40 years later but even when he found out that he was literally a rock symbol, he still stayed grounded. I could go on and on about him, but instead of reading about his life here, I would recommend watching Rodrìguez's full story, in the documentary Searching For Sugar Man. 

Something that I like about his music is that it's very calming and there is a song for almost every mood. His lyrics are very pure, and some of his songs can even make me cry. In my opinion his voice is heartwarming and nostalgic. The music can be a bit melancholic but the way he puts his thoughts into words is simply beautiful. Rodríguez is a poet, but instead of writing poems, he is writing songs.