Inspiration from my family

My family is not perfect, but I love them to death. They have shaped me into the person I am today, and helped me through hard times. 

A thing I love about my family is their way of seeing the world. They accept people for who they are, and support them whatever it's about! That means a lot.

Capturing memories

I have always loved photos. Ever since I can remember, my granddad and I sat in their second little livingroom. My grandfather introduced me to all their albums, and I sat there listening for hours on end. I was emerched in all the magnificant things they had been to. My favorite photos to look at was from America. Our family loves that place. Grandma and granddad has been to USA at least 56 times.

My family generally loves to document things. Over the years, my dad has always been around a film camera. Thanks dad! Now I can look back to see what I did and how I was as a child. Its so much fun to see how the people you know, change over time.

My mom went to high school in Texas, after that she lived in Florida, Orlando and worked at both The Epcot center and Disney world. She has traveld and been to a lot of different places. So all her photos inspire me! 

My grandparents at a wedding.

My grandparents at a wedding.

Mom in USA.

Mom in USA.

Her overalls, short hair, how she put together a skirt and a top ect. Most of what she wore. I could wear now. Another thing I love about captuing moments, is that you can see how alike you are the people that mean a lot to you. 


I have always loved to write. Mabye not stories, but journaling, poetry and about things that intrests me. I remember my dad getting me my first jounal. It was a blue book, with a mermaid on the front. I wrote about the boys I thought were cute, outfits I likes and what I did that day. As time passed I kept writing, I still do. Usually its poems and what things going on in my life. A while back I found out that my mom used to write. Mostly poetry. I now know where I got my love for words from. 

In one of the bathrooms in my grandparents house, there is a poem my mom wrote down that goes like this: 

A smile is quite a funny thing.
It wrincles up your face, 
and when its gone you'll never find it's secret hiding place.
But far more wonderful it is to see what a smile can can do.
You smile at one,
he smiles at you.
and so one smile,
makes two.

My mom found this poem a long time ago. Its been hangig in their bathroom for as long as I can remember. Constantly reminding me how important it is to be yourself, and smile at strangers!


Music has had a huge impact in my childhood. The music I heard as a kid (not kidsongs) are music I still listen to. Country, classical music, Elvis and bands like The Beatles has had a part in my life. I remember my granddad putting on a cd of Elvis og swing music and us two dancing on the livingroom floor. That or my grandparents dancing. 

My grandparents have been together for over 60 years. They were dance partners a long time ago, traveling and music has always played a huge part in their lifes. They are two of the most fantastic, inspirering and funny humans I know.


- Nora Marie