Simplify your life

We live in a world consumed with things. We live in a world that tells us that we need things. Things will make you happy, things will make you feel fulfilled. In every commercial, in every magazine and in your social day to day life. 

I am myself a bit of a maximalist. Not going to lie, I do have a lot of stuff. Clothing, books, records, and things I really dont need. When I startes to watch videos about minimalism, and letting go of things. There was one thought spinning in my head at all times. 

"Am I to be blamed for having so much stuff?" Is it my fault that I was born in a era where materialism was on its peak? How was I supposed to realize as a kid, that things don't really have any value to your life. Its the memory you keep within yourself that has sentimental value. As I have grown up, I have started realizing within myself that I dont need stuff. I mean I do like records and books. Those are the things I won't get rid of. They bring me happiness and makes me feel really good about listening to amazing music. Its not about getting rid of your loved belongings, but the items you know you can manage without. 

I have started my journey towards minimalism. Minimalism is a concept where you only have clothing and possessions that sparks joy. Do you have a dress you love? Do you have something you just cant get rid of. Well keep that. But minimalism is all about acknowledging what you need, and what the fake idea our society has imprinted on you. If minimalism sounds like something you would enjoy, go on youtube or read some articles and start your own journey. Try creating your own capsule wardrobe!  Here is a video all about creating the wardrobe for a true minimalist.

Zero waste

If you feel like minimalism would be easy, or you want to take a bigger step, zero waste might be something for you! People like Lauren Singer and the Johonson family does produce little and or no waste. Zero waste is a lifestyle where you try to eliminate products like plastic, paper bags, rappers ect. "RRRR" is a good rule to go by. Reduce the things you dont need. Reuse everything you have. Recycle the things you use. Refuse the things you do not need. Zero waste is about living a more ethical life, knowing that your not sending things to landfills and to the ocean. 

Here are simple swaps you can do right away to be a more conscious consumer:

1. Canvas bags instead og plastic bags

2. A bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic brush

3. Mason jars instead og plastic containers

4. Make your own deodorant, toothpaste and body lotion

Give zero waste a try you guys!

But one thing you have to remember is how important it is not not take it too hard on yourself. If you don't have time to make products yourself, or if you forget it sometimes. It's so important to remember that you are doing everything you can, it's ok to slip out of your routine. Your human, it happens. Do what you enjoy!

Here are some videos and movies you might want to watch:

Zero waste

Netflix - The true cost

A documentary that is soon coming out - Minimalism

Lauren Singer and an article

 Hope this post will get you on a more minimalistic lifestyle. Let me know if you are trying this out by sending me a mail! 

- Nora Marie