Style inspiration: Camille Rowe

I have always dressed the way I wanted and have never cared much about what's popular in style, as long as I like it. When Nora introduced me to Camille Rowe I couldn't help but fall in love. Her style is a good mix of vintage pieces, classics and different textures. Something that I love about her style is that she makes everything seem so effortless, but so fashionable at the same time. Camille has a French father and an American mother, and I believe that's something that has had an impact on her style. 

There is not a lot of information to be found about Camille, but I learned more about her, and her style through British Vogue. As Bay Garnett says, she has a good mishmash of clothes, some preppy, some hippyish and even some Chinese inspired.

For some reason she makes it all work together, and whenever I'm having a "fashion emergency" I think of Camille Rowe, and what she would have done. Feeling the fabrics and textiles when you shop is something that I learned from her and I enjoy the fact that she wears whatever she wants, even if that should be a sweater full of stains and holes.

I would really recommend watching the video British Vogue made about her, because it inspires you to try out new combinations of clothes, at least it inspired me. She gives a lot of great tips through the whole video and I never grow tired of watching it. Her style is perhaps a bit more French than it is American, but as a person who wants to move to France, I only see this as a plus. 

If you know where her orange lipstick is from, please let me know!


(Photos by British Vogue)