How to: Save the bees

The bees need you!! For many people bees are not much more than an annoying insect, but we can't live without them. Bees keep plants alive and without them we would not have much to eat. Humans have had an enormous impact on the planet, and it's time for us to fix our previous mistakes. By killing bees, we are hurting ourself and the rest of the planet. It can be hard to know what to do to save them, but here is a list over things basically everyone can do:

Plant bee-friendly plants, herbs and flowers!

By having a garden you can give many bees a livelihood. You can plant flowers and herbs like: sage, fennel, buttercups and lavender to save bees :) Get a list over bee-friendly flowers here.

Do not us chemicals on your plants

Bees can suffer serious effects from toxic chemicals in their environment. Therefore it's very important to refrain from using chemicals on plants, if you want to avoid poisoning bees. The different chemicals often contains alcohol, and this substance has a similar effect on bees, the honey produced by these bees can end up toxic for even humans! Bee careful ;)

Be kind to bees

Honeybees are just trying to collect nectar, they are not out to get you! It's unnecessary to kill them, remember that bees does not originally want to sting you, unless they feel scared and threatened. They die after they sting, and that is why they only do sting if you are a threat to their hive or you handle them roughly. 

Buy local honey

If you eat honey, you should definitely support your local beekeepers (preferably organic)! This way you know that you are actually buying real honey, big amounts of honey that you can buy in a grocery store has no pollen content which gives it fewer health-benefits. When you buy organic honey you make sure that the beekeepers have not fed the bees with a substitute to replace the nectar.


FInd your local beekeeper here