Sharing memories with your friend

For the summer Martine and I decided to try out something we read about in an article a while back. We were both traveling this summer, and we gave eachother a notebook for the other person to write in on their journey. Martine was traveling to Malaysia and I was traveling to Mallorca! 

What is this all about?

So the whole concept was to write about things we experience, see and think of while we are out exploring new places. If there was a person you thought was interesting, a restaurant or a museum that had an impact on you. Whatever you came to mind, we wrote it down. Even the little things, what your first thought was in the morning, poetry we loved that day, if there was anything bothering you (if so what) and what your plans were for the day ahead. It can also be some super tasty food you ate, or something you would like to try. We did not write everyday as a reminder to live in the present.

You don't need to write five pages everyday, explaining everything in depth. If you only have two sentences to write, write them down right away and if you have some extra time, try writing some more later. I find this super fascinated to read, and I believe that it gives you are deeper connection with your friends! 

Give it a go!

- Nora Marie