Tips for better sleep, how does it improve your life?

This is a rather important subject I think. Everyone needs sleep, its how everything on this planet works. Sometimes it extremely hard to get enough sleep. Whether you're staying up because you have an important thing for class or you can't stop thinking about it. Well, for the homework part, try spacing your work over the whole week. Create a plan for the week. This will give you a visual understanding of what you need to do, while also making you more relaxed and calm about knowing what you need to do when. 

For the thinking part, try some meditation, yoga, reading, writing or going to a therapist. Depending on the reason for you staying awake because your are thinking, its important to talk it out. If you can't talk to anybody about it, then try writing it down. This will really help you see your problem with a new angle.  Ok. I want to share my tips and what I do to know I will fall asleep almost right when I go to bed.


- Starting my day with a little movement. I might do yoga one day, and heading to the gyn the next. It really depends on my mood and how I feel when I wake up. Even just some stretches in bed makes my day better.

- Being productive will obiestly help. If I am doing something all the time, my body slowly gets really tired. Something that is going to help you fall asleep faster. So get your list making on!


If I just did a little yoga in the morning I try to get in a bigger workout in now. It can for me be going on a walk, lite jog, HIT workout or doing some weights. Working out is extremely beneficial for your body, not only does it burn fat and calories. It also get's rid of nasty toxins in your body, releases endorfines.

- Clean your room for just ten minutes everyday. This for me has been a life saver. Just going to sleep and waking up in a clean and fresh room really gives me a relaxed state of mind. 

- Starting your skin care routine everyday at the same time, has been proven to almost "remind" your mind that it's time to go to bed. I start my skincare routine at about 9.30/10 pm. 

- A no brainier, but try going away from any electronics about two hours before going to bed is really going to make the body sleepy. If you really need to stay up later then I highly recommend downloading a program on your computer called f.lux this will adjust your screen light according to the natural light outside. Almost like your very own sunset! 

- Right before you go to bed get out your lavender scented essential oil or a sleeping mist and spay the room and your skin. Lavender is really effective as a sleeping agent. 

What are the benefits form getting enough sleep?

Here is where things get simple. Getting enough sleep has benefits like better mood, better concentration, less stress, less chance of depression and a lower risk of injury just to name a few.  If you were to ask me how many hours you need in a day I would recommend at least 8-9 hours to anybody over 15. I am not a professional, but just try out different lengths of sleep. Find out what works for you. 

-Nora Marie