Kill'em with kindness

I have already made a post about the importance of kindness and now I have decided to make a list of different acts of kindness, since I think this is such an important subject.

Treat yourself with kindness. Would you tell the same thing to a friend that you are telling yourself? Loving yourself is a big step to a better relationship with others. Eat that extra slice of pizza, have a movie marathon with your friends, spend the whole day baking cookies, you deserve it!

Try to encourage someone. Ask yourself what you can do to make someone believe in themselves. Wether someone are nervous about a test or your friend is upset about something. Spread that positive energy!

This might seem obvious, but make sure that you compliment others, and mean it! Tell someone that inspires you, how you feel about them. Let the people you love know it, make sure your friends feel appreciated. Receiving a compliment might make someones day 10 times better.

Be there. Make sure that you let your friends and family know that you are there for them, and that you care. If someone is going trough a tough period it can be comforting to have someone there to listen or simply be there by their side and make them feel loved.

Respect others


Learn from every act of kindness that you see. Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Help others in your own special way, at the same time as you learn from others. What makes you happy?