Writing letters

I started writing letters back and forward with a lovely girl called Hannah, about 1/2 year ago. We had never met in person but we talked through social media, and since we shared a lot of the same interests we decided to start handwriting to each other, to make it more personal. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made! Every time I receive a letter it makes my day so much better, even waiting for it, is exciting enough itself. Personally I love writing letters and sending small but thoughtful gifts to a person, an entire ocean away. This is something that I would recommend everyone doing, it makes you appreciate how easy it is to reach people, as well as it teaches you patience. If you like to write, draw or paint this is a great way to use your creativity skills to make other people happy. Sharing tips, learning about peoples culture and making friends, is just some of the many benefits of letter writing. If you are interested in starting to write to someone, you can take a chance with the help of tumblr. If you search for "pen pals" at tumblr.com, or if you follow the account penship, there are many people that are waiting for someone to write to. There you can find a description of the person, and it usually looks something like this: