Follow your dreams

Personally I have always wanted to start practicing ballet, but I have never had the courage until now. I used to think that I was not elegant enough, nor flexible enough. As time passed I felt like it was to late to start dancing as well. The first thing most people think of when you say the word ballet is either 5 year old girls doing ballet, or 19 year old professionals, and I was neither. A few months ago I found a beginner class for 16 year olds to adults, and I signed up!  I believe that at one point I became tired of worrying about what others was going to think. I thought that if I didn't do it now I would probably never do it. After signing myself up, I talked to one of my friends that had been practicing ballet for 7 years and she told me about all the different "ballet-myths". This made me feel so much more confident. A lot of people think that ballet is all about being flexible ( including me at one point) when it's really all about having strong ankles.

I would recommend everyone to follow their dreams, life is to short to ignore your deepest desires. Take a chance.