Last summer Martine and I travelled across Norway. 13 hours away from our hometown, we found our home for the next week. Lapoint is a surf camp with locations all over the world. In Norway, Bali, Costa Rica and Portugal. This was such an amazing experience for the both of us, that it's only fair that we share our thoughts with others. 

Martine and I spent a week in there Norwegian camp in Hoddevik. The landscape, people and food was magnificent. 

This is how I remember the days. Waking up at around 7.20 for breakfast. Starting conversations with new people. Getting ready. Wetsuits on. Using a longboard as transportation to the beach. Theoretical surf lesson on shore. Then it's time for a good three hours of surfing. Heading back to the camp. Showering. Lunch. Doing something fun and active. Dinner time. Maybe watch a surf movie. Finally saying good night. 

The whole day was complete when the two or three of us used the longboard to a pire to watch the sunset. Talking and laughing. This camp has made our summer by far! Being able to travel by yourself, doing something you love everyday, was an experience on it's own. 

If you have the possibility to go on this camp somewhere in the world. Do it! I can 100% promise you an extraordinary and thrilling week. 

This post is not sponsored by Lapoint. We love the camp and really wish more people can have the opportunity to experience it!

- Nora Marie