Small things to improve your life

Now that a new school semester has started. You might be getting stressed out super fast. I can at least say that for myself. That is why I wanted to come up with a list of things to do when life is just a lot, but you have school work to do, and having a social life combined with that. 

1. Having a visual planer. This does not only help you keeping your weeks organized, but it will also make you feel more organized and at peace. You can write everything from essays due, tests you have, when you are going to work, homework and whatever else you do in your daily life. 

2. Do something YOU enjoy and love for one hour everyday. Whether it would be yoga, writing, taking photos, working out, listening to music or being with friends and family. Do it! For me this has been such a life changer. Being in school for up to eight hours everyday, then going home to do more school work. Having that one hour to relax, be fully myself and doing what I love to do. Makes me feel like school isn't as stressful and hard as it might be.

3. Walk. Go for a five to 30 min walk everyday. I usually go around my city, or in a small forest. It makes me feel so zen and it really puts life into perspective. 

4. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. I do this most days to be able to either stay in bed on my phone. Make to do lists for the day, planing the week or just to make myself a cup of tea and listen to music and getting done with some school work. 

5. Cut negative people out of your life. Having people and "friends" that bring you down and are negative is just going to screw you over. If you think of it this way: Having to wake up early, going to school, going home and doing more school stuff. You are not able to do what you really want to do. Then on top of that having people in your life that bring you down, and bringing negative perspectives into your life. Will, and I say will make you tip over. 

- Nora Marie