Cherish the small things

Please listen to Petrichor by Keaton Henson

Petrichor means: The smell of the air after its been raining for a long period of time.

When I was little, presents was the one thing I loved more than my family and nature. So when birthdays and christmas arrived. I was ecstatic. Opening one present at a time, only wondering what it possibly could be.Then after finally opening it, being the happiest girl. I forgot about it almost one month after.

The thing about presents and "things" is that, when you have it, you want more. Without even realizing it, we are all feeding this materialistic monster inside us. A monser that only cares about things, money and possessions. It's a routine or a habit. 

But the thing is, life is not all about possessions and money. Life is about the experiences you have with loved ones. Hiking a mountain, going to your favorite coffee shop. Even the small and insignificant things like drinking your favorite tea, hugging your parents, being at the beach or reading a poem that resonates somewhere deep inside you. Having that time for yourself every morning, listening to your favorite music or smelling the streets after it's been raining. All these experiences are the ones that makes life worth living, and the moments I try to life for. 

- Nora Marie