Art in three forms

Vincent Van Gogh

What is there not to love about Vincent Van Gogh's paintings? Vincent was a impressionist painter from Holland, who painted 2000 paintings in his lifetime. Although most of his paintings seem joyful, he actually had a rough life. From young age he suffered from bipolar disorder and other mental disorders. One of my favorite things about his paintings is the use of color. There are so many great contrasts in his paintings, and I love the fact that he managed to create the feeling of loneliness in most of his paintings, even though he used such bright colors.

Casey Liu

Most people don't think of photography as a form of art, but the truth is that art is there to make you think and feel something. Casey Liu is an hawaiian-californian artist and she is definitely my favorite photographer. Her photos are so full of contrasts, colors and emotions. She is traveling the world and her work is extremely vibrant and inspirational, every single one of Casey's photographs can make me smile and feel at peace.



Lee Price

Lee Price is an amazing figurative realist painter from New York. She mostly paints self portraits in oil paint, as well as she focuses on food with the solitary female figure in private settings. One of the messages she is trying to send is the fact that we let so much time and energy go to waste through obsessions. For the women in these paintings, even with an excess of food, there is no nourishment. The vulnerable atmosphere in the paintings is so beautiful and I would have been over the moon if I one day could have one of these up on my wall.