I am the kind of girl to....

I often ask myself: Is this really me? Am I the kind of person to wake up early, or seep in late? Am I the kind of person stand for the things I believe in? Is it like me to be happy all the time? 

In this moment I am completely myself. Alone in my bedroom, writing, drinking tea, listening to music, having a clean room and I am done with all my homework. I am the kind of girl to wake up at 5 am, drinking lemon water, making to do lists. I love the sunsets, oatmeal and smoothies. 

I like school. School is such a blessing. I mean I do dread it some days, but having the opportunity to learn about so many different things makes getting out of bed worth it.

I am the kind of girl that loves deep talks, midnight walks with people I love and all night conversations on the phone. 

Natural and holistic living is something I prioritice. 

Plants and flowers make up my entire room.

I am a dreamer. Thinking about the future makes me happy. Having so much time to become the person I want to be, living the life I want to with people I love. I dream about the world, people, nature and the ocean.

Speaking of the ocean. I love that place. There is something about a place that covers 71% our earth, yet we dont know half of it. But for me, sitting on a beach observing the waves as they crash on shore. Wether its in the spring, summer, fall og winter I love it. There is something about covering yourself with layer upon layers of thick clothing and having a warm drink in your hands that I call magic. 

I love the idea of traveling. Seeing the world with my eyes wide open. Meeting new people and tasting new food. 

I love music. Feeling the rhythm and meaning of the song while listening. 

I love to laugh, smile. But some days I need to cry.

I am the kind of girl to be in my room crying. Crying for the small things, crying for the bigger things. I feel more connected, more centered to myself after a long crying session. 

I am the kind of girl people don't understand at first.

I love reading. A good book in my hands and time fades. 

I am the kind og girl to dream about her wedding, without even having a boyfriend. Having a white dress, makeup done and being with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Another thing I call magic.

I am the kind of girl you will one day find with her nose stuck in a family photo album. 

I love to write. Poetry, in my journal and articles for school. 

I am the kind of girl who doesn't really know who she is. But I am willing to learn. 

- Nora Marie

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