My morning routine fall 2016

Since I love the mornings, I thought it would be fun to share what I do when I wake up until I go to the bus. Everything I do and eat is natural and cruelty free!

05.00- Wake up to the most abnouquas alarm

05.10 - Drink up to 1 L of water while I check the daily horoscope/ listen to music

Make my bed

05.20- 05.35 - Get dressed, and doing my skincare routine/ having a shower if needed

05.40- Makeup time. This part consistes of brow filling, mascara and sometimes a powder concealer.

05.50 - Go down to the kitchen and make myself breakfast and tea 

Now I sit at the table still either listening to music, talking to my parents or as I am now, writing

06.20 - Do the dishes and make school lunch/ refill my water bottle

06.35 - Make sure my backpack is ready.

06.45-  Brush my teeth

If I am ready I just wait until about 07.00 and go to the bus stop.

As you may tell my mornings are pretty basic. I love to wake up early and have the time to stress. Having some kind of tea is such a nice rituale!


- Nora Marie