Barefoot only

What do you picture and feel when you think about the ocean?

I feel curious and I get a sense of loneliness, I don't really know why.

We explore space but we let so much be left to the imagination when it comes to the ocean. It can be sweet and crystal clear turquoise but it can also be dark, dark blue, almost black with hard waves crushing against cold stone. I have always loved the ocean, swimming in silky water is the closest I will ever be to flying. I love the feeling of hot sand under my feet and between my toes, and salt in my hair. It is both sings of a day worth remembering. 

Some of my best memories are spent by the sea. Having long barefoot walks with my mother along the seaside, dipping our toes in the water and then running away from the waves, and surfing in ice cold water until my lips turned blue with Nora. The hot sun kissing my back in Greece while I was swimming to a secret island with old ruins and waking up at 5am in Turkey, sitting on my little balcony, watching the sunrise and staring at the horizon while feeling a heavy sense of melancholy. 

There are so many feelings connected to the ocean. It is so big and it washes away everything that dares to take a dip. It contains treasures and beautiful creatures and it manages to be powerful yet gentle.


There are so many things to admire and love about the ocean. I would recommend you to just take a moment and try this: Think about how you feel about sunshine, rainy days, storms, stars and forests? What do you love? How does it make you feel? What is your best memories connected to these settings?

This gratitude exercise can teach you things about yourself that you did not know about and teach you to appreciate and enjoy what is around you.