What feminism means to me

Feminism to me means having a chance.

A chance to be who I am,

do what I want,

and not let anybody make me feel embarrassed or insecure.

Feminism is about the chance to show the world that all woman can be unique and filled with willpower.

Feminism means being able to ask the guy I like on a date.

To wear whatever I want,

and to not be afraid to speak about everything on my crazy mind.

Feminism for me is to set high goals.

Reach for the branch furthest away.

If I fail, I will raise and make the next time better.

I want to fight for all the future generations.

I want girls to grow up knowing that being however and whomever they are is ok.

I want to show the world how amazing life can be when girls have willpower,




perfections and a beautiful crazy and messy mind.

Feminism for me means having a chance.

-Nora Marie