A way to becoming more minimalistic is to sort out the things that are most important to you, and the things you can live without. Find 5 things you find essential and you will soon find out what you don't really need.

 Here are a couple of my everyday essentials. These are the things I bring with me absolutly EVERYWHERE. Whenever I go to school, work, downtown or just with friends.

Phone +earbuds

As the music alcoholic I am, my phone is such an essential. I love listening to a podcast, my spotify playlists and just get inspired. My earbuds go hand in hand with the music and podcast.


I am a firm believer that crystals can help us our day to day life. Cleansing our mind, protect us and give us energy. On my keychain I have a amethyst.

Canvas bag

As I am trying to go more zero waste, having a canvas bag with you always is so essential. I may use it as a purse, but I can also bring another with me so when I go buy food or something else, I won't need a plastic bag!


Do I need to say anything? J.U.S.T H.Y.D.R.A.T.E!

Hand cream & chap stick

Especially for winter my hands and lips, I always like to have hand cream and chapstick to heal my chapped hands and lips.