January favorites

 Earth to us podcast

"Earth To Us is a podcast by Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely dedicated to the art of paying attention. Our show is an educational platform where we draw on ideas across the globe that have motivated us to live bigger, more creative, and more compassionate lives. We interview the people that wake us up to greater realities and that shift our thinking in a more positive way." - Description from the "about" section of their website. 

This podcast has been my favorite ever since they started! Everything they talk about is relevant to our society, and they put whatever it is into perspective. 

The massy heads podcast

The first episode is all about the concept of perfection. How it affects you daily life, and how we can try and realize that we are all unique, different, yet magnificent. 


Sophie's handmade bags

For christmas I got one of these beautiful bags made by Sopievstheuniverse from Martine! It is handmade by Sophie in the Netherlands, and she is one of the sweetest people ever.