The 2017 Bible

Last Christmas Martine and I decided to give each other something that would be less materialistic and something that would be more personal. We each wrote a letter about what we loved about each other, and what we loved about our friendship. Alongside the letter I wrote, I created a little Bible for her to follow throughout this year. Here it is:


1.     One no-homework day a week (this day will be spent taking care of yourself from the inside- out.)

2.     Make your bed everyday

3.     Cut the bad people out of your life (it might be scary, but it’s going to make everything fall into place)

4.     Minimize negative self-talk – Treat yourself like your best friend

5.     Write poetry about who you love, hate, dreams and yourself 

6.     Do one creative project every day.

7.     Take 10 minutes of your day cleaning your room. 30 minutes a week cleaning and tossing things you don’t need.

8.     SLEEP!

9.     Write your life down, every detail. From your ootd, bad hair days, heartbreaks and crushes

10.  Read more. Disconnect yourself from social media 30 min a day

11.  Celebrate every little victory. (if you got out of bed, wrote those sentences or smiled to a person you dislike)

12.  Drink tea and stay hydrated

13.  Listen to music that makes your body move

14.  Take photos of everything 

15.  Cherish the small moments

16.  Do yoga and meditate

17.  Smile

18.  Laugh

19.  Cook food that will make you feel vibrant

20.  Hug your friends and family

21.  Say whatever is on you mind

22.  Somedays you need a plan. But try to wing it other days

23.  Buy plants--- and try keeping them alive all year

24.  Try finding beauty in every person and situation 

25.  Swim

26.  Buy that record

27.  Go to thrift shops

28.  Stay inspired on bad days

29.  Go to bed early and wake up early- NOT ON THE WEEKEND

30.  If you love a person, then tell them – worst that can happen is rejection and you don’t want those people in your life 

31.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable

32.  Public transport 

33.  Its ok to be stressed, but try limit yourself (note: try. Please don’t put pressure on not stressing. It will make thing even worse)

34.  Stay present- but look forward (find that balance)

35.  Get out of your comfort zone

36.  Wear your makeup or clothing how you like it everyday

37.  You are young- make mistakes 

38.  Adventure 

39.  Try limiting your materialistic needs

40.  Remember: YOU ARE SO LOVED!

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