Taking back Black Friday

Did you know that more than 15 tons of textile waste are generated yearly in the US alone? The last years, Black Friday has almost become its own holiday, which encourages overspending and materialism. It is the consumer behavior that drives Black Friday, so let's work together and take this date back - the sustainable way!

One of the most impactful things we can do, when it comes to sustainable fashion, is to increase the lifespan of our garments. This Black Friday weekend (November 24th-26th) the lovely ace&jig are hosting more than 25 swaps all over the US, Germany and Australia. Simply bring your clean and gently used ace&jig pieces to an event nearby. Each garment will be marked with name tags on them before they are displayed, so that you can suggest to swap peacefully x If you don't find something you would like to swap it for, that is okay too, and you can bring the item with you home at night. 

Click here to see if there are any events near you!

But what if I don't own any ace&jig pieces or don't live close to an event? Gather some friends and host your own clothing swap! Put on some music, prepare some vegan cupcakes and spend the afternoon swapping. Hunt through your wardrobes and find pieces you are ready to let go of, and bring them with you. Here is a little guide to how to organize a clothing swap:

✘ Choose the invitees: invite your friends, family, or/and create a fb event.

✘ Set the rules ca. a week prior to the event, as this will give everyone the same opportunity to find something they like. It is often easier if you, for instance, decide beforehand how many garments each person should bring. Decide a time for the swap to begin and a time when people can come and drop their clothes off. At bigger events, the clothes can be quality checked, and people can receive tokens in exchange for the garments once they arrive.

✘ Set it up: Hang the clothes on racks, or place them on a table (with the token 'price' on them) and wait for the swap to begin. 

✘ The clothing that does not find a new home by the end of the night can be donated to charity.