The sounds of women

Rosalía. This Catalan folksinger has transformed the old flamenco, something most young Spanish people no longer listenes to, into something new, special and suave. With her silky ans special voice she creates a new form of music that is not very common in the country: a renewed flamenco that is completely unique. Also, her videoclips are very aesthetically pleasing and inspirational.

Aunque es de noche – Rosalía

Kiana Ledé. Actress, composer, pianist and actress from Arizona, US; this girl started everything by uploading some amazing covers to her youtube channel. Her great rythnm and flow has lead her to gain an incredible amount of followers, and her last song is a dropout hit with some R&B aura that just highlights how talented she is.

Fairplay – Kiana Ledé

Bomba Estéreo. Li Saumet is the voice behind this Colombian fusion group and has been the creator of some amazing tracks that mix electro, reggae, rap and pop to create a personal incomparable sound that just transforms the dancefloor when people listen to them at the disco.

(Also this videoclip is SO GREAT)

Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo

Yasmine Hamdan. This Lebanese singer is based in Paris but has been touring all across the globe with her music for many years now. She has managed to create a fresh sound, separated from the typical pop arab music nowadays, conforming her own “indie arab mixed with some folk roots” style.

(You’re gonna love this song)

Azza – Y.A.S.

Natalia Lafourcade. With her sweet and silky voice, this Mexican has gained the applauses of both the critics and the public. Her style - very eclectic, led her to create albums that are very different from other music and it has made her one of the most recognised mexican indie precursors, in a country where the music tends to be more recharged and traditional.

(Put the subtitles on to really understand the lyrics of this song mixed with the video)

Nunca es suficiente – Natalia Lafourcade

L.E.J. Not only one, but three girls conform the French band. The name is formed by the initials for Lucie (singer), Elisa (singer) and Juliette (cello). They are a very different group with an amazing charisma and musical taste, that sounds like a mix of an opera piece and a mediterranean melody. There’s a studio CD in the making so we’ll hope it turns out as wonderful as everything else they have done yet.

La dalle – L.E.J.

Fatoumata Diawara. One of the most known singers from Mali. With her raspy voice, she perfectly represents the sounds from her country, slightly mixed with some jazz and soul touches. Her chilled music is something really worth the listening if you want to penétrate in the Africa sounds. Here you have Fatou, my favorite CD of her. You won’t get tired of listening to its rythms.

Sona Jobarteh. Her afro acoustic soul has passed borders and reached many other countries than her native Gambia. Everything you’ll find from her on the internet is not enough.

Gambia – Sona Jobarteh

Concha Buika. With Guinea Ecuatorial roots, this Spanish singer has becomed one of the most succesfuls coming out with a very different type of music than what we are used to in Spain. She mixes flamenco with jazz and funk and creates something without words enough to explain it. Here I leave you one collaboration she made with Javier Limón, a recognised flamenco guitarrist.

Flavia Coelho. From Brazil. She has brought music with rythms from her country to Europe and will stay in your head with this “Sunshine” all day and all night.

Sunshine – Flavia Coelho

Ibeyi. With Cuban and French roots, this twins have completely changed the electronic music panorama, adding some new sounds coming from the trip-hop to it. Something different to listen to. PS.: You’ve seen them in Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade.

Rivers - Ibeyi

Carminho. Finally, this gem from Portugal. Renovating the fado, the most typical music from the country, comes her. She has been disappeared from the music world for a time now but here you have the most precious CD she has done: Alma.