Writers block

The past month I have not been able to write anything down. No poems, journal entries and no major blog posts. There has been a lot of amazing things happening, but nothing I got to write down. Every single time I tried to get my thoughts from my head on to paper, it suddently stopped. Usually it takes no effort to write. Inspiration and ideas flourish in my heads without stop. 

This post might lack inspiration, happiness and well thought out ideas. But for me, it is so much more important to tell you that we all struggle. We all have writers block sometimes and we all need to let ourselves be as we are. 

So, I guess my point with this little post is to share a piece of my mind with you. Even if its all jumbled into a million pieces, it's still my head, and that is what this site was made for. Not only to inspire our daily readers, but to share our (in this case, my) journey through my late teen/pre- adult years. 

-Nora Marie

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