My experience with photography

I have been surrounded by cameras all my life. My family have albums filled with moments from my childhood. Video making is something my dad loves. Every vacation, family gathering etc. he always brings his video camera to capture the moments. 

Taking photos has always been a hobby of mine. I remember getting my first point and shoot at the age of seven. I would go out in our yard, taking photos of nature and my parents as they tried to make me eat dinner. My late nights were spent looking through photos on my camera, remembering moments from the week. I am now 17, and I have a few different cameras. DSLR, point and shoot, Instax mini 8 and a couple film cameras. Some of them were a bit expensive, others I got at different flea markets for under £10. My recent hobby has been taking, developing and finding my way with film cameras. I love the way that the photos look, feel and the fact that you have actual photos in your home, not just on your phone or computer. So far, it has been a lot of try and error, but for every new angle and with different lights, I am evolving and exploring how the cameras are working.

Here are some of my recent film photos: 

I thought this post would be an amazing opportunity to share an amazing pdf guide created by themessyheads. This explains everything you need to know about film photography.