Living for oneself

When we grow up, through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school, there are certain expectations. Do this, do that. Why are you doing that, when you could be doing that. Why weren't you at that party? No matter where you go, people will have an effect on you, negative or positive. That is is why I want to preach the importance of living for yourself. Living for yourself means doing what you want to, no matter what other people think. Finding something you love and get happiness from. Whether that is reading a book, taking photos, writing, cooking, dressing up or playing a video game. Life if all about living your truth no matter what people throw your way.

So how do we live for ourselves? You need to be willing to speak your mind about everything, dress how you want and be friends with people that you get inspired by and that has vibrant energy. Living for yourself is about being open to trying new things, explore the open possibilities. As easy as it can be to get sucked into worrying about what other people think. Usually we try to look, speak and act like everyone else. As a result, people hide in their shells, afraid to let their real selves be seen with a fear of judgement. However, though people might say that there is a human tendency in wanting to “fit in,” there are things we can do to really, truly and utterly live for ourselves. 

1. Pursue hobbies that makes you feel alive. Maybe you want to start something new, or keep doing whatever makes you willing to get out of bed everyday. Find what makes you happy and do what makes you happy.

2. Speak your truth- If someone or something dosn't seem right in your opinion do not be afraid to tell somebody. (this is probably the hardest one for me, as I am still trying to please others..) 

3.  Let go of your expectations for yourself and others. When you start to live life with little or no plan, going after what you feel like will truly have a wonderful effect. Slowly you are creating the life you want without realising it. 

4. When you start doing everything you want to do, and you start to align you beliefs, words and actions together you will find that the universe will start to give you indications about who your real friends are. You know, those friends that stick up for you no matter what, and supports you in whatever you want to do. Hold on tight to the people that support you no matter what. 

I guess my reason for writing and publishing this post was because I myself need to work on this. Although I am starting to get a hold on how to live for myself, there are also times where I ask myself questions like "How will people react? Is this worth people talking about? How will people react?". So I think the best way for myself, and most likely you is to work towards a goal. It could be to go two days without thinking about others opinions or thoughts about you. Maybe you could push yourself to actually wear those shoes or not to wear makeup for a day. Taking small steps towards a more happy, fulfilling and loving lifestyle is better than taking no steps at all.  Find what makes you happy and do what makes you happy.

- Nora Marie


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