An unknown poet

Something that I think is important for everyone to know is that we should never classify art. Art is a way of expressing one self and wether you are a famous painter or a girl sitting by your breakfast table writing poetry about the stars, your art has value. Poetry is an art form and it is for many a way of listening to ones heart and a way of being creative while working with ones feelings. I believe that every person has something unique to say and a voice that is different from everyone else's. This page is for everyone who wants to explore the worlds many beautiful sides in forms of poetry, interviews and just messy thoughts and musings. Our poetry section includes poems written by both famous writers and unknown poets but here is a little collection of poems never seen by anyone before, written by a girl named Evie:

Warrior (haiku)

Steadfast warrior;
still against torrents of ice-
friend, you know the way.


Through the madness of everyday life,

there comes a time when you just need to




Breathe through your mouth, nose, eyes and ears,

Soak up every bit of air,

Fill your lungs with oxygen

and Breathe.


Liquid love, dripping in paraffin.

sealed shut with lips colored pink.

Glorified with a law round its neck.

Heal me. Soak my sorrows in your pride.

Envelope my body and turn my inside out.

Liquid gold love leave its mark.


Golden: cinquain (1)

Trickeling pyramids of 

inspiration. Sparkeling

parcels of liquid sunlight;