Favorite sustainable shops

Honey vintage is one of my all-time favorite shops. The woman behind it is named Isabella Mente and she is also the author of one of my favorite books: 7,300 day. She sells both vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories. Personally I think this shop makes shopping ethically easy! Why contribute to a consumer-culture when you can buy vintage Chanel loafers, varsity jackets and hand painted wooden purses from honey vintage? 

Sage me baby is a shop of pre-loved for those who are pro-planet. The shop was created by Ella Grace Denton and she sells everything from beautiful slip dresses to vintage messenger bags. Shopping eco-friendly is important because the fashion industry is the worlds third largest polluter. Sage does not only sell eco-friendly clothes but they also ship the clothes in eco-friendly packages. I believe sage me baby is the perfect match for those who are looking for sustainable fashion and good quality second hand clothes!

Arnhem is a clothing brand from Byron Bay and it is named after its creator Arnhem Bickley. Sustainable production has always been at the forefront of everything they produce at Arnhem clothing. Arnhem has a very unique perspective on sustainable living because the creator has lived in a teepee for 15 years of her life. The brand is family owned and has long term employees. 

Pilgrim vintage

Pilgrim vintage was created by a photographer named Casey Liu. During her many travels across the world she has picked up second hand and vintage pieces which she sells at Etsy. By shopping vintage and second hand you are treating both the planet and yourself better. The shop has a handpicked collection of gently worn and adorned goods and it has a five star review on Etsy.