From winter to spring

The last two months have been full of new impressions, hard work and beauty. Therefore I decided to share some of it here. Just as a little sign of gratefulness for all the memorable events and sweet people that have made my every-day life richer during the first months of the year. 

Band of horses concert

As fog started to cover the floor and as Ben Bridewell entered the stage we all suddenly became their biggest fans. But is there something more beautiful than to turn around and to see a whole room filled with people smiling, dancing and singing to indie rock under red lights? The music seemed to capture everyones hearts, including my own, and it was surely magical.

Art gallery visit

Wandering the halls of an almost empty museum of art a Saturday morning was truly something special. Photography from the 60's, modern art sculptures, and paintings of Norwegian forests from the 1800's covered the walls. Me and Nora shared a set of earbuds and listened to music as we walked around, surrounded by beauty and it felt like we were starring in movie. After admiring the art and laughing silently at our own analyses of the paintings and sculptures we enjoyed apple juice under a glass dome with breaches hanging from the ceiling in the museum café.

Sondre Lerche concert

 The concert found place inside an old brewery basement with graffiti covering the walls and with more than a century of history. It's something about the atmosphere at concerts like this that makes everything so special and memorable. At one moment Sondre unplugged his guitar and everything became quiet, everyone was already spellbound by his honeyed words and tunes and waited eagerly until he carefully started singing. No band, no microphone, no amplifier. Only the heartfelt words and melodies of his voice and acoustic guitar. 


Chai tea, discussions about hidden beaches, star gazing and red nail polish has colored my days. I have realized how much I adore roses. They have used to seem ordinary to me because they are such typical flowers, but I think they are beautiful if you pay attention to their details. I've been listening to Amy Winehouse and Bon Iver on vinyl quite regularly and it's been rather lovely. February to me was a month of blood oranges because they were in season, juicer than ever and I never seemed to stop eating them. Every Friday I've make a trip to the organic farm with my family and and we've bought organic oranges, tea, mongo, chocolate and lemonade and have had picnics in the cold but sunny weather. Afternoons have been spent with friends arranging photo walls and studying at book cafés and I have fallen in love with the contrast that comes with using flash when taking photos. 


We were 11 girls, gathering around one mirror, getting ready for prom, doing each others hair and makeup and picking out clothes and shoes. Nothing is better than girls having each others backs. I wore a slip from the 40's and my friend wore a pair of golden tango shoes that she had kept from when she danced tango herself. As we left the house there was still makeup brushes laying on the floor, polaroids spread on the wooden dining table, dresses hanging in the windows, curling irons on the porcelain sink and glasses of water with lipstick stains everywhere. But there was something romantic about the mess. The evening was enchanting and prom itself was lovely with both vegan food and blueberry ice-cream. 5 of us returned to the mess afterwards, kicked of our high heels and talked until we fell asleep.