How do you define yourself?

I often hear older people say that teenagers these days have a stronger will to succeed and they strive more than teens ever before. Is this correct?

Do we let our grades, social crowd and future dreams define us? 

How come most of us lose confidence or tear ourselves apart every time we get a worse grade than predicted? Does our friends bring us joy and moments to cherish forever? Do we feel like we don't have a social life, as a result of weekend nights spent inside working on a research paper? These are all questions I ask myself. At the point where I am now, I strive to be with my amazing and wonderful friends, doing work and spending some time with my family. 

There is nothing wrong with having goals and future dreams you want to fulfill. Having a goal and a purpose in you daily life can have a wonderful effect as it can keep you more focused and inspired, while still living in the present.  

Just do your best. At the end of the day you can't do any better than that, so please don't tear yourself apart. Next time, just try again, don't let it define you, and you might be surprised of what you are capable of. 

There are no limits.

You chose how you live your life. 

Make the best out of what you've got, not what you don't have. 

-Nora Marie