April favorites

The messy mag, rebel rebel

This magazine is filled with art, photography, interviews and musings. It is the second printed edition of the Messy Heads and it features 120 pages dedicated to straying from the conventional path, putting your authentic self out there, and finding bravery in your daily life. It contained tons of submissions from men and women around the world, writing about representation in the media, feminism, veganism, high school experiences, getting lost, and getting found by pushing their boundaries.

Photography favorites

Kala ukulele

I have always loved music but guitar and piano playing has always seemed so complicated to me. Therefore I decided to start with baby steps and buy a ukulele. I bought a pre-owned kala ka-s and I have fallen in love with its sweet tunes and how easy it is to bring with me. I have been using tutorials by Cynthia Lin Music because she provides good descriptions and chord charts.

A day by the sea

During Easter break, me and my family went hiking by the beach. I brought my film camera and we dipped our toes in the cold water and climbed mountains. It was so nice and fresh outside and I finally felt that spring had arrived properly. The scenery was so beautiful but the photos don't really do it justice.