Why thrifting is fun and worth it

I have written a lot about thrifting on the site before, over the past two years I really have been trying to only buy second hand. This can either be a fun experience or a total disaster. Thrifting is an art I am trying to perfect, sadly I know that will never happen as I never know what I will find in the store, or what people are giving away. As a result, every time I go to the thrift store it is an exciting event! What I love about buying second-hand is that I get beautiful clothing nobody else have and I also don't have to worry about the environment! In Norway there has been a growth in vintage and thrift shops, and for that I am not complaining! We have already written about one of our favorites, Permanent Vintage, that has a lot of fancy, beautiful yet different pieces! 

When you are buying second hand you get to find some magnificent inexpensive pieces that nobody else has, you get to create your own style and you didn't contribute to any labour! How can you say anything negative about that? Thrift shops also prevent clothing from going to landfills and into the sea.  


Here are some of my favorite thrift finds;

Red coat



Denim jacket


- Nora Marie