Women who inspire me

Happy international women's day! I wish you all a wonderful day and I just wanted to send a message of love to you by writing about some of the women who empower and inspire me most. You are all gorgeous, no matter skin color, sexuality, disabilities or mental illness. You are all important and you deserve the world.

Ella Grace Denton

I have admired Ella from the moment I was introduced to her page we need to live more. She is strong, kind and an inspiration in so many ways. Not only does she work to protect our planet, writes poetry and own her very own second hand shop but she is also a big supporter of women's rights. A few months ago she wrote this beautiful and raw poem, and I thought this was the right moment to share it: 

Try to find a girl

whose sexuality hasn't been tarnished

by a society

who tells her



and her body

are separate entities.

 Perhaps what I love most about her is not how talented she is, at writing, singing or creating but what I admire most is how honest she is and how free she seems. A while back she opened up about dealing with mental illness and I think that is beautiful. Instead of hiding behind photos she is speaking up about something that too many try to hide. She has talked about suffering from depression in a way that I think can make a lot of people feel understood. By my opinion it is important that we have women like her, who is speaking directly from her heart, to be a role model for girls and women these days.

Emma Watson

I believe that Emma Watson is an inspiration to a lot of women world-wide and I think it is lovely how she has used her fame to speak about such important subjects as women's rights and equality. Personally I think it is important that celebrities use their voice for a good cause and set good examples because they influences us. Emma is not only an actress and a UN ambassador, but she is also a feminist. After being criticized for posing topless for her Vanity Fair shoot and after many claimed that she was composing her feminism by doing this, Emma responded with this: "Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality."

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley has inspired me to live gratefully and more naturally. I don't know how many times I have watched the video of her "Behind the scenes" of her shoot with Natural Health. To me, she seems humble and caring. In a world where some celebrities are almost worshipped I think it is incredible how down to earth and minimalistic she is. By sharing her musings and values, she is making a difference.

Michelle Obama

Michelle is such a strong and independant woman and I think she is a wonderful role model for women everywhere.  As a public figure she has managed to be a person that people from all ages can look up to. She has devoted her life to help others. Michelle has worked to encouraged people to seek positive change, such as working to encourage kids to reach higher education and live healthier lifestyles. And not only does she inspire people to do these things but she also makes changes herself. She manages to stay grounded and yet she is very passionate about what she does. 

Emma Murcury

Emma is the girl behind the messy heads. A blog that inspires to live freely, be who you are and love yourself. She spreads happiness and is not trying to sugar-coat reality although she describes it magnificently. She has created a space where anyone can share their story, thoughts and art and she writes about everything from heartbreak to her everyday adventures. Every word is heartfelt and pure and she is definitely some of the people who have inspired me to love my surroundings even more. Her way of writing is very empowering and authentic and I would recommend everyone reading her messy mag.