5 lil' things to make your day better

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be free, you deserve to be you. I hope this tiny collection will increase your well-being at least for a moment. 

The beauty of language:

A thing we often take for granted, is how beautiful language is. To be able to explore and learn how to communicate with people who say éclatant instead of dazzling or azar instead or chance. Some words are just so lovely that I can't stop thinking about them. So here are two of my favorite latin words, I hope these makes your day brighter:

A bunch of dreamy photographs:

A well written description:

A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. 

Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry and beauty, and have a tendency to get carried away by ideas. This can be both bad and good, as most of the original romantics stood up for their beliefs and greatly helped England, but also went to help people in revolutions and got killed. 

They also tend to get randomly depressed, but this is because the weather and colors and beatiful things make them act differently than others.

Some heartfelt tunes:

These tunes captures your heart, and are so raw in such a beautiful way. Take a 20 min break and do something you like or just lay down and listen to this magic. Listen here. It's a collection of my all-time, slow-down, favorites.

These sweet videos:

Full of inspiration and with a calm and laid-back atmosphere, these videos are super cute. Cam and Nina was first introduced to me by Nora and now I can't stop watching their videos. If you have a few minutes, have a look! You won't regret it :)