A little guide to essential oils

My name is Bobbie Monte, I am married to Max and we have a Yorkshire terrier pup named Calvin. I am the owner of a website called www.bobbiethemonte.com

The purpose of my website is to educate people on wellness, share tips and recipes, and help others realize their options and power when it comes to wellness.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since October 2016. There is so much to be learned about these amazing natural resources. I feel like I know so much, and simultaneously know so little.

Young Living has set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of their oils through their unique Seed to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, they apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. Out of all essential oil companies they undergo the most testing and have the highest standards.

There are so many incredible benefits to essential oils. The oils that I am referring to are solely those produced by Young Living. These oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade and I am only speaking on behalf of what I know based on the quality of the oils I'm using. With that said, essential oils are able to support every system in the human body.

•       Skeletal System

•       Muscular System

•       Circulatory System

•       Endocrine System

•       Respiratory System

•       Immune System

•       Hormones

•       Brain Health

•       Emotions

•       Spiritual Support

•       & Stress

Like I said before, there is so much to know about oils. This is not an exhaustive list of benefits and I highly encourage you to do some research of your own.

My favorite oils are:


Frankincense is an oil that has been sought after for centuries. The Egyptians used it, it is mentioned in the bible, and it is seen as valuable to many different religions. From skin support, spiritual awareness, to support of cell function, it is no question why Frank is so popular. We add it to our DIY face wash, take it internally (Frankincense Vitality) through vegetable capsules, adding it to our tea, or just dropping a few drops into our mouths.


Lavender…obviously. Lavender is probably one of the most well known oils on the planet. This particular oil is known as the Swiss Army Knife. Like all other essential oils it has so many different uses! Skin and hair support, emotional support, calming, grounding, and its refreshing aroma. I use Lavender in my eyelash serum, I rub it on my chest and feet before bed, it is great for emotional release and meditation, and I love to diffuse it after a long tiring day.


Peppermint provides digestive support, gives the skin a cooling sensation, and helps with focus and mental clarity. It is also incredibly refreshing, which is why I like to put a drop in my mouth as a natural breath freshener or add a drop to my water while I’m at the gym.

The benefits and possibilities of essential oils are truly incredible and endless. Do your own research! Here are some great resources:

Life Science Publishers,  The Essential Oil Pocket Reference


Google: benefits of specific oil (lavender, frankincense, etc.)

www.pubmed.gov is a government website where you can search for information regarding specific oils. It’s best to use this website when you have the name of a specific chemical constituent found in a specific oil. For example: alpha-pinene or limonene.

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