Summer to do list

Whether you are going on a big adventure this summer, or just staying at home with your family, there are a ton on things you can do to make this summer special. 

Get creative & explore your hidden talents. Try learning the piano, sign language or try a new sport. The summer is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you wanted to learn during the semester, but were too busy to get started. 


Here is a few things I love to do when I am alone or with friends during long summer days: 

- Old movie marathon

- Make collages. Both digital and on paper

- Bike to your nearest beach and take yourself on a date! Bring a camera, notebook, pen, fruit and a blanket to wrap yourself in if it gets cold. 

- Find something to study: Maybe something about astrology, nutrition, religion or film cameras

- Make your garden or balcony look beautiful 

- Write, write, write

- Make future travel plans and start saving money

- Buy yourself some organic fairtrade, vegan candy 

- Go through you closet and minimize/ simplify your life

- Go to the city and find new cafès 

- Ask you grandparents if they have some of their old clothing: I love to going through my families old clothing. Overall I found some amazing unique and vintage pieces!

- Try to make some of those vegan meals you have been thinking about. Summer is defiantly one of the best times to figure out simple and healthy meal ideas for when the semester starts again. 

- Last but no least. Take a day, or even days where you just lay in bed all day listening to your favorite artist, watch movies and eat. You are so deserving in some good quality me-time!