Une fille nommée Jade

Jade is a 17 year old artist from Southern France. As a girl who has lived in both Paris and Provence, she has been influenced by both the glamorous and glittery city-life, and the tranquil and charming countryside. You'll either find her with her hands covered in paint, listening to Radiohead or rummaging through clothing racks at thrift stores. We really wanted to talk to a girl, who is someone we all can relate to but also be inspired by, and this creative sun-beam is definitely going to give you an insight to the everyday life of a french teenager. 

How has growing up in France affected your life?

I was born in a chic quarter of Paris but I have lived in the Paris suburbs for the first nine years of my life. When I was nine, my parents decided to move to Provence, in Southern-France. It was really hard for me to adjust to my new way of living. And to this day, I still miss walking in the empty narrow streets of the city and looking at its beatiful haussmannian buildings. However, I have learned to enjoy the silence of the country side. I am divided between my love for the city and for nature. In the future, I will definitely go back to a city, maybe Paris, Lille or Bordeaux… who knows ? But I know that I will sometimes return, to appreciate the beauty of the fields of lavender, the mountains and the warm sunny weather.

I will say that I am grateful to have grown up in France. But sometimes I can’t seem to feel at home in this country. On the other hand living here obviously has influenced my artistic tastes in a good way, like my inspirations, fashion sense...

 What is your favorite spot in France?

There are many spots that like, but my favorites are ‘Les quais de Seine’ : The banks of River Seine, and the Montmartre area : where you can see painters working, narrow streets and great stairs. It’s very romantic. And near I live, I like to go swimming in a lake with my family.

Françoise Hardy (singer), painting in Montmartre 60’s and Françoise Dorléac (actress) in the stairs of La Butte Montmartre 60’s

Quais de Seine

Skjermbilde 2017-05-05 kl. 17.09.44.png

 What does your morning routine look like?

I’m definetly not a morning person… Since last year I am homeschooled, so I can wake up a little bit later than when I had to take the bus. So every morning I wake up at 8.30am, make myself some tea, grab a fruit and a slice of vegan chocolate cake. I also like to watch a film or a serie episode while I eat my breakfast. After that I take a shower, brush my teeth and pick out my outfit for the day.

Skincare & makeup : I am slowly transitioning to an all vegan and cruelty free beauty products collection. When one of my product is empty I search for an ethical alternative version of it.

So the first thing I do is washing my face with a cleanser and put on moisturizer. I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do I like to keep it natural ‘à la française’ as we could say. I always do my makeup with my fingers I find it easier to blend in the products. So I put a little bit of concealer under my eyes, around my nose and sometimes where I have pimples or redness. Sometimes I will do a really thin eyeliner to accentuate the almond shape of my eyes, curl my lashes and put on mascara. Since a few months I have loved to wear lipstick, back then I used to think that it was too dramatic for me. But now I just love to wear rouge lips, I just dab the product onto my lips for a natural look, and voilà !

  Do you have a favorite way to express yourself?

I do a lot of things. I like to embroider, sculpt, play guitar, linocutting, paint, take photos, filming… If I had to choose two or three ways to express myself it would be : playing guitar, filming/photographyand painting.

  How did you get into being creative?

I always loved to create things as long as I can remember, but I really got into painting three years ago when my grandmother gave me a little set of watercolors. Later, I tried different types of paint like acrylics and oils that I really like using. Last year I decided to learn to play guitar, my parents gifted me one for my birthday and I just teached myself how to play by learning chords on the Internet and by practicing a little everyday. I also like to take photos but I prefer to film short moments of my life.

   Why and how did you get started shooting with film?

  In December my grandparents gave me two film cameras: a Canon EOS 500n and a Haking mw 35s. I was nostalgic of the time when I was a 6 years old taking pics with her little disposable camera. I actually have 3 rolls, I will develop soon.

   Talk about what art makes you feel, and your favorite way to consume art.

Art is something I need. I think that it’s such a pleasant thing to feel something through art whether it’s melencholia, happiness or disgust. My favorite way to consume art is to go to the cinema. When I’m in a cinema room I forget everything, I’m entirely focused on the screen and what I feel.

    Since we are all about buying second hand, do you have any tips or tricks for getting the most for your bucks?

 I am quite new to buying secondhand so I don’t have a lot of thrift tricks, except look out for promotions in thrift stores like two for one….It has become my favorite way of shopping.

 Do you have any travels planed this year, is so where?

A month ago I was in Barcelona for the second time. And this summer I’m going to visit Portugal with my family for three weeks. We’re going to do a kind of road trip starting in the North and ending in the South.

Explain your perfect day. From start to finish.

This is so hard to answer! I think that it would be to just buy a plane ticket, pack a backpack, jump on a plane and discover right away the place where I landed all day until I’m too tired. Alone or with someone but I really like to be on my own.

  Any advice you would give to your younger self?

 Believe in yourself, don’t hide what you are to please others, love your body.

 As for the future, do you have any dreams or aspirations?

 I will keep traveling and doing creative stuff, I would also like to participate in humanitarian actions. Next year, after my final exams, I would like to integrate a school of cinematic arts. My dream is to be one day (I hope) a film director. 

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