Loving insights

Whenever you feel stressed or unmotivated it can be hard to keep going and work hard. I made a list, with inspiration from Rachel Brathen with some great mantras or sentences to keep in mind!

- Balance giving with receiving

- Push through your fears

- When some new adventure or opportunity comes, open your heart and trust your ability yo create something magical. 

- Take a step back and look at everything that makes life wonderful.

- It is no harm in asking for help, but sometimes we all need to make up our minds, future and our next step.

- Everything will be perfect in the end. 

- Life happens for you- not to you ( Rachel Brathen) 

- Make peace with yourself. Your body, mind, soul and past.

- Forgive- your past, future, friends, family etc. "Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

- Mantra: I am here, I am now. 

- If you aren't happy, it is not the end. 

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